RC Helicopters! What are they? What do they do? Are there different types of RC Helicopters? Is it meant for everybody, can everybody use it? Or is it meant for only people who have a complete knowledge of it? Well let see if we can answer all of these questions in the following lines of this article.
     Essentially RC Helicopters are Radio-Controlled Helicopters, electronic toy helicopters, or in technical terms a model aircraft, that can be flown with the help of, in simple terms, remote controls. 
     Interestingly, RC Helicopters are used for many reasons or in different fields:
     ?We have the strong and brave army who uses Hit-Tech, Customized and the latest RC Helicopters in their various operations. The RC Helicopters used by the army are tested and developed to fulfill their demanding requirements, mostly for certain army operations
     ?Other than the army, RC Helicopters are also used in the making of movies to get certain aerial video shots. The RC Helicopters allow cinematographers to capture specific aerial shots that are needed for movies, which are otherwise difficult to obtain through other cameras. Not only are RC Helicopters used in the making of movies, they are also used in the movies for certain genres. In action movies RC Helicopters are as bombs, spy equipment or even tracking devices, while in some other movies we can see children playing with them in parks
     ?RC Helicopters are also a sport/ game; competitions are held where participants have to make their own RC Helicopters and have to compete in certain challenges to prove that their creation is the best
     ?However, the most commonly known use of the RC Helicopter is that of a hobby, a pass time where people like to indulge themselves in the fun of being able to fly an aircraft (even though it may not be life-size)
     Now RC Helicopters also come in a certain variety: 
     ?At first we have the TOY RC Helicopter, basic and simple to handle and operate. They do not require much remote control maneuvering; however, they are fun and easy to operate. Mostly used by kids or older people who like the fun of the game, yet prefer to avoid the complexity and technicality of it all; a way to amuse oneself if you will (they are mostly found ready-made)
     ?Next is the Micro Coaxial Hobby Grade, the next step; a little more complex than the toy RC Helicopter and requires a little more remote control maneuvering and is slightly heavier and expensive. They can be bought ready-made or if broken can be fixed with spare parts
     ?Following this is the Quadrocopters ?more complex and requires a more detailed read through of the manual. Mostly they can be built or can be bought ready-made, either ways, they are further expensive, heavier and require experience
     ?Next in line are the Micro Single Rotor Fixed Pitch Hobby Grade and the Single Rotor Collective Pitch Hobby Grade. As we have seen before, we will see again, the complexity, cost, experience, remote control maneuvering and the weight all increase.
     So in the end, the question boils down to whether RC Helicopters is your thing? If youe planning on making it your new hobby or if youe already into it then shop with xheli coupons. With Xheli coupon codes, you can get your RC Helicopters of the latest premium editions. Also the xheli coupon free shipping making it easier for us to reach the required equipment and thus solving every problem related to shopping.  

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    When you hear about radio control helicopter, you generally think of the cars you had as a kid. They have one speed, forward and reverse, and run off battery power. Nitro remote control cars are the new generation of remote controlled vehicles that are replacing the electric cars of last decade.
    Two-stroke engines only have one cycle to produce power. This single cycle can be divided into two strokes. The air-fuel mixture goes in the combustion chamber with the piston just past the top dead center, the highest point of travel of the piston. The air-fuel mixture explodes, which begins the power stroke. The exhaust gases expand and this rise in pressure forces the piston down. As the piston travels down the sleeve, the crankcase is covered in an air-fuel mixture. The second stroke begins as the piston starts to move up into the sleeve. This upward movement seals the intake ports and then blocks the exhaust port. The combustion chamber now starts to become pressurized as the piston travels higher into the sleeve. As the piston approaches the top, the mixture's ignition point begins to be lowered until the heat from the glow plug initiates combustion and the process begins anew.Nitro cars run off a mixture of methanol, nitro methane (CH3NO2) and castor or synthetic oil. This mixture is highly combustible and burns similar to a diesel motor rather than a gas engine. The fuel is easily made at home or can be purchased from most hobby stores for about $10 per quart. RC fuels also are susceptible to moisture contamination just like gasoline.All 2-stroke RC motors are built with basically the same parts. A carburetor, piston, crankcase, bearings, connecting rod, air filter and about half a dozen small connectors. Of all these parts, only three actually move. This simplistic design ensures that routine maintenance is relatively easy and straight forward.There are tons of possible upgrades for RC motors just as there are with real car motors. Aftermarket parts are machined from aluminum, which makes them lighter; laser cut, which makes them more precise, and mass produced, which makes them cheaper and easier to find. Every part from carburetor to connecting rod can be replaced or upgraded to a better part. Some motors even have power upgrades such as external turbo chargers available. While these motors are small and compact, they are capable of producing 2 to 3 horsepower, about the same as a regular gas-powered lawnmower.Make sure that after every use, the motor and air filter are cleaned of all the dirt and grime that builds up on them. A clogged air filter is a good way to starve your motor of air and cause internal temperatures to rise to a catastrophic level. Clean the carburetor and also add three drops of oil to the piston. This is all the maintenance that you will need to preform on a regular basis. http://lngram1217.spruz.com/

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    The E-sky 6 channel radio controlled helicopter is a stunt flyer. With cyclic collective pitch mixing, the E-sky is capable of acrobatic flying, with precise control allowing you to perform advanced tricks including inverted flight. Before you begin flying upside down inches above the ground, you should master the basics of flying the E-sky. It will take time and practice to master, but once you've done so, you'll be able to take advantage of the realistic flight characteristics available only with a 6 channel helicopter.
    Pull out the antenna on your transmitter and center the trim wheels on your remote control. The trim controls the spin your helicopter experiences upon lift-off; make sure yours are set to a 0 setting. Center the throttle stick on the remote.
    Connect the battery plug from the battery pack to the remote control receiver on your helicopter. Hold the helicopter aloft for 10 seconds to stabilize the gyro for balanced flight. Place the helicopter onto a flat surface for take-off with the tail facing towards you. Stand at least 15 to 20 feet from the blades for safety.
    Lift the helicopter into the air by applying slight forward motion to the throttle stick. As the helicopter rises, increase the throttle slightly until the helicopter hovers about two feet above the ground. Hovering is maintaining altitude without directional movement.
    Watch for any horizontal rotation in the body of the helicopter as it rises, which indicates a problem with the trim. Reduce the throttle pressure and land the helicopter if it spins in either direction to fix the trim. Turn the trim knob in the opposite direction of the spin slightly and then raise the helicopter again, to see if the adjustment was successful. Repeat the adjustments until the helicopter rises without spinning.
    Raise the helicopter again and then wag the tail of the helicopter using left and right motion of the throttle stick, to get a feel for the rudder control. This changes the forward orientation of the helicopter during flight.
    Face the helicopter away from you and press slightly forward on the cyclic control stick. The cyclic angles the helicopter forward, changing the angle of the air from the props and moving the helicopter forward.
    Move the cyclic stick to the left and right to move the helicopter to the left and right without any motion forward or to the rear. Increasing the forward motion of the throttle stick while operating the cyclic adds speed to your maneuvers. Add slightly more throttle during maneuvering to maintain your current height. Add throttle without maneuvering to increase height, and reduce throttle to reduce height.
    Land the E-sky helicopter by reducing any cyclic movement while maintaining your height with the throttle. This should achieve a hover. Pull back slowly on the throttle stick to reduce altitude. Slowly descend to the ground. Land as lightly as possible and then return the throttle to the zero position.

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    There are lots of different sorts of airplane simulators available on the market today. The alternatives are numerous, however there is bound to be an ideal simulator out there for anybody and everyone. Of course this could be a different flight sim for each person. Today I may seek to answer the most asked question concerning flight simulator games.

    You are able to locate a list of the 3 most asked questions concerning airplane simulators at http://bestflightsimulatorsoftware.org/thebonus/

    Flight Sims were originally produced to be an alternative tool for teaching flying. While some are very easy on the home computer, others are among the most technically complex games on the market. Some duplicate the feeling of flying commercial or civilian aircraft, while others more closely replicate the thrill of military flight. Still others show real simulation for more of a game aspect, and each is more desirable satisfied for a different participant.

    The most significant distinction in today's flight sim games have remarkable graphics that are completely different in contrast to every little thing else. These games actually make you feel as though you are actually flying since they are even utilized as the training devices for numerous of today's pilots. However it is not always needed for you to have first-rate landscapes graphics or to have lifelike cockpits and aircraft.

    As a gamers you are able to also produce a cockpit around a personal computer to experience the greatest flight simulators games in new method that you might not have indeed thought were possible. Plus you are going to be able to have all of this fun playing the games while you are still comfy and in your own house. This indicates you will pilot with a range of different circumstances and maneuver your aircraft through the skies by having your keyboard or joystick. Countless companies also generate joysticks that seem like genuine airplane yokes controls.

    How to discover an excellent airplane simulator online game?

    One of the most prominent online games online delivers the most realistic offered graphics and attributes that really are true to life. Microsoft Flight Simulator 11 and X plane 9 are a few. A few of these consist of that you get the most selections of aircrafts, places to fly, landmarks, weather conditions, and airports to land and take off from. In addition this airplane simulator online game generally offers some sound results that are the even more lifelike. Some utilize Google Earth to resemble actual scenery. Check into demo: http://www.bestflightsimulatorsoftware.org/thebonus/

    When choosing a great flight simulator online game, its important to ensure it has plenty of attributes to keep you busy. It is even essential to make sure it places you in the action, and makes you think you are really regulating the plane. Its also better when the airplane sim game can easily also offer you a scare or 2 when your entirely soak up into it. There's nothing more desirable than leaping out of your seat because you think you are actually going to crash, now that's lifelike! All flight sims are different and you have to experience the for yourselves.

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    Hobbyists who enthuse about remote control vehicles know that technical challenges come with the territory, and are part of the enjoyment. Developing and maintaining a functioning RC aircraft or 
    car is dependent upon access to specialist parts and products which can sometimes be difficult to get hold of. Hobby Unicorn is one of the best RC specialists in Australia, and their online hobby 
    shop makes it easier than ever to fuel the passion.
    The site offers remote control cars, helicopters and aeroplanes in a variety of scales and price ranges. For many hobbyists this is just the beginning, and the same is true of Hobby Unicorn’s 
    stock. They have an exhaustive range RC Car, RC Helicopter and RC Aeroplane parts including motors, electronics, batteries, plugs, propellers, servos and more to ensure that almost any modification 
    is possible. hiram1217.kazeo.com/
    The online store makes use of high quality imagery to display the parts, which are searchable via the categories listed in the sidebar or using the search bar in the site header. The products are 
    listed by name and price and more information is provided, allowing users to click through to see a full product specification, gallery and user reviews.
    As well as a full range of parts, Hobby Unicorn also provides all the tools necessary for re-equipping models, including curved ball link pliers, swash plate level tool, scalpels, hex drivers, 
    tachometers and more. 
    A spokesperson for the site explained their commitment to customer satisfaction,
    “We offer a no-fuss money back guarantee, a price match policy and a same day postage policy on every order made, so we’re confident our customers aren’t going to be able to find a better 
    product cheaper or faster anywhere in Australia. We operate out of our own dedicated warehouse and logistics hub in Brisbane, so if it’s listed as ‘in stock’ on our website, it can be sent at a 
    moment’s notice. We’re dedicated to our customers because we share the same passion they have for RC vehicles. It’s this commitment that has seen our customer base and range grow considerably in 
    the last three years.”

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